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“Covid and Art. Downfall or Renaissance?”

Have you thought of just switching off the TV, letting the world wait, and just make time for yourself?

Well, Covid-19 did just that. While it might have grown to be tiring for some people, for others, it was the time to invest in themselves, refocus their targets and get ample free time to work on what really matters for them.

Under no other occasion would someone be forced to stay in, spend time with themselves, and be stripped of all the distractions that our modern way of life is blessed with.

Today, we’ll talk about artists, and how the pandemic influenced people who resort to creativity as a way to make ends meets. Where does a pandemic leave an artist? Stranded at home, with no inspiration to draw from, or fully energized, ready to take advantage of the time they never had?

The answer is hopefully the latter. Just like most things in life, we decide what to take from and how to react to a situation. Sure, the pandemic is less than an ideal scenario but we will ultimately decide if this is our downfall or our renaissance.

Buy art supplies and dive into all those ideas that have been sitting in your mind but never had the time to explore. Educate yourself on a technique or a material that you have never used before. Take that interior design, fashion, museum studies course that you considered to be time-consuming in the past. Experiment, explore, test, investigate. Now is the time. Nobody is watching. Investing in yourself is the only investment that can never go wrong!

It’s true that artists express their reality, emotions, and feeling through Art. Personally, through lockdown, I came to the realization that reality can wait, that getting the time to work on myself and the things I never got the chance to, is far more important.

How did I tackle the lockdown? I got off the sofa, switched off the TV, got a brush and a canvas and I started a journey, with no way back. I chose to live inside my head and enjoy the absence of responsibilities.

All through lockdown, I freely explored techniques and materials that have nothing to do with what I was doing before.

It faced reality straight on, away from the daily drama of numbers.

If I have anything to say and share from my experience through this challenging time is: artists, create! Don’t let anything hold you back! Lockdown, routine, responsibilities, a bad day – whatever the root of the problem may be, there is a way to make it work. It’s all about mindset, it’s all about choosing to stay positive and make the most of any situation.

Galleries, culture, and art never die. They’ve survived wars, natural disasters and will most definitely survive this pandemic. You are part of that heritage, of that fighter DNA, of a group of people that refuse to give up, refuse to give in, and keep on going no matter the situation.

Take a break, take a day off, but don’t you dare stop creating.

Everything will be back to normal soon! Stay safe – stay creative.

By Evdokia Georgiou

Open Call | ‘Portrait’ Art Exhibition

Portraits of own’s self; portraits of a loved one; portraits of an unknown person or a famous persona!

Face’s expressions; face’s chaos and harmony; face’s realism and abstractions are a daily inspiration for beings to create through both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of art!

An exhibition aiming to present the various styles, colours, methods and possibilities a portrait could be drawn, paint, sculpt or photographed.

Artists are invited to play with colours, images, materials, brush strokes, textures, stitching, crosshatching and many more techniques to present their own perspective and style by creating a face!

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou

*Submission deadline: 29th of April 2020

for submissions at gallery@exhibit8.com.cy

Open Call: ‘Blue’ Exhibition

Blue – a color – a feeling – a space.
We are looking to exhibit your bluest artwork! Artworks created with shades of dark
and /or light blue! 🔵
Blue can be calm; it can be stormy or moody. It is up to the artist what he/she wants to express! All mediums, sizes and forms of Art are welcomed. An open themed exhibition based on the primer blue colour!

Stay bluish!

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou

*A digital catalogue will be available for artists after the exhibition.

submission deadline: 1st of April

‘In House’ | Solo Exhibition by Giorgos Georgiades

‘In House’ exhibition

We are so excited that we have host the ‘In House’ unique solo exhibition by Mr. Giorgos Georgiades! This exhibition inlcudes the newest and freshest Artworks of the artist.

Giorgos Georgiades has studied Art in Athens and he is now based and working at his studio in Larnaca.  He has solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece.

The artist’s artworks are characterized by extraordinary figures immersed in their own world. His artworks have both the form of paintings which are created on pieces of wood and canvases, as well as 3-dimensional forms of art. In addition, his artworks stand out by the bright colour’ palette the artist uses, as well as the enlarged and altered beyond normal features.

Art Curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art Director: Sonia Photiou

SNEAK PEEK | Giorgos Mouzourides Solo Exhibition

It was our pleasure to host the artist Giorgos Mouzourides at our gallery.

He is a sculptor born in Limassol in 1962 in Limassol of Cyprus. He studied Architecture at the University of Rome in Italy and he owns a PhD too. He is working as a part-time architect and his creations are not limited in a form.

This exhibition is the 4th Solo Exhibition and it was consisted of stunning sculptures of various form and sizes. Mouzourides creates small and big sculptures of human silhouettes, as well as horses heads, birds, mermaids and many more!



‘Black & White’ exhibition

Sneak Peak on that amazing night of ‘Black & White’ exhibition contest!!

Artworks from various mediums were hosted at our gallery and they were all remarkable.

The judges were the Art Curator of the gallery, Evdokia Georgiou and the President of Cyprus Society of Education through Arts – CySea, Phivi Antoniou. They judged with the criteria of technique and concept.

The winner of the exhibition is Christos Kakoulli with his artwork ‘Kahirapan’; spray on canvas!! Christos Kakoulli will soon exhibited out our Gallery! Stay tuned!

Participant artists: Mo Khatib, Angela Kyriakou, Sophie Adamou, Myk Turner, Andreas Kelpis, Anastasia Mina Fysa, Maria Siray, Stavri Pidia, Sheila Raven, Di Nai, Christos Kakoulli, Katie Sabry, Ludmila Ananieva

You could view the exhibition’s catalogue by clicking here.

‘Drops of Art’: Affordable Treasures exhibition

An Art exhibition for artists!

Offering to the audience Affordable Treasures for admiration and purchase at the beginning of the Autumn era!

We are happy that we have hosted unique collections of artworks by amazing local artists to our exhibition in the heart of Limassol’s city centre. The ‘Drops of Art’- Affordable Treasures exhibition aims to bring beautiful, distinctive and affordable artworks, one step closer to the audience.

Art Curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art Director: Sonia Photiou

For more info please contact us 25212171 or gallery@exhibit8.com.cy

OPEN CALL | Black & White Exhibition

It’s CONTEST time!!

Are you an artist thrilled to win a Solo Exhibition in a well-established space in Limassol?

Then, submit your best work in Black & White hues!!

Short-listed artists will be exhibited at our gallery.

The winner artist will be selected from the judging committee to have a Solo Exhibition in a well- known space, which will soon be announced on our social media channels.

Enter by painting, sculpture, photography, drawing

Email us at gallery@exhibit8.com.cy your artworks, details of the artworks (material, dimensions, title, price), artists statement and contact information (telephone number and email)

For more info call us at 25212171

Submission deadline: 25th of September

*Submission is free, and when short-listed there is a participation fee.

Gallery’s opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 13:00 & 14:00 to 18:00

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

‘What’s your story?’ exhibition

Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage aims to promote Arts and creators. Through this journey, the Gallery presents various exhibitions, projects and artists.

The ‘What’s your story?’ exhibition is the outcome of several workshops Marianna Parmatzia created under the umbrella of the European Erasmus program – European Youth at the Frontlines of Active Citizenship, and the C.I.P (Citizens In Power) organisation. The participants are influenced by the intercultural and creative storytelling workshop “What’s your Story”.
This multi-media exhibition is sponsored by Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage.

The participants have different cultural, but also professional backgrounds, and some of them never had the chance to show their stories, wishes or creations in public!
The idea was to create a universal Storytelling, using different media and methods that everybody can understand without using any verbal language!
From audio, to visual methods have been used, so the results are pretty interesting!

So, what’s their Story?

The exhibition’s opening was on the 26th of August and it will be on due the 28th of August.

Also a big thank you for George Bizios, who made the opening even better with his unique sound track.

SNEAK PEEK: ‘The Garden’ Exhibition by Polina Isakharova

A sneak peek of the amazing and cheerful evening here at Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage, at the opening of ‘The Garden’ Exhibition by Polina Isakharova. The exhibition was on the 1st of August and it was about a great collection of her interesting, romantic and bright artworks, which were all sold out.
As the artist says:
“Life is messy. It’s unpredictable, ever changing, moving and pushing us to our limits. Not too long ago we were all at home, waiting anxiously as to what would happen next. Our plans were put on hold and the world went into hibernation. While social media was booming with noisy news the streets were quiet. I could feel subtle changes. The sweet flower fragrances changed every time I went grocery shopping. I had time now to notice the new green leaves on trees and the first summer breeze entering our apartment. I felt separated and alone yet quietly connected.
As the sun rose earlier and the days got hotter I could feel an inner summer stirring inside. A new lightness and hope during a time of endless questions. During my months of quarantine I reached for my paintbrushes to keep my sanity. It was my daily prayer. While flowers bloomed outside, I painted them inside; inside my mind that needed comfort, softness and beauty.
A few years ago my friend Ken died. Afterwards I would sneak into his garden which was overgrown with weeds and gather apples from his trees to make jam. While I lived on Vancouver Island my grandmother died in Uzbekistan but I couldn’t go to the funeral. As a solace I took a road trip to San Francisco with a friend and we buried ourselves in the fragrance from hundreds of roses in Portland’s International Rose Garden. Life is messy but we can choose where we look. When we have no control we can at least smell the roses.”
Art Curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art Director: Sonia Photiou
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