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From a Continent to an Island-Australian Aboriginal Art Exhibition

Beneath the Horizon – Fanos Avouris – Photography Exhibition

Marina Hadjiefthimiou – Solo Art Exhibition

OPEN CALL “Emotion-Scapes”

Yury Peshkov Solo Art Exhibition

“Objets de mémoire” by Alexandros Chairetakis & Elli Lyraraki

Renos Efesopoulos / Glass Fence-The Exodus

RESPECT – Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας

Solo Art Exhibition Tess Turner – ‘The Eternal Landscapes’

Solo Art Exhibition Georgia Michaelides Saad, ‘MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM’

‘Παραμόρφωση’ Εικαστική Ομαδική Έκθεση | Opening Event

‘Παραμόρφωση’ Εικαστική Έκθεση | Opening event

Sneak Peek: ‘SHE’ Group Exhibition Opening event

‘SHE’ Group Art Exhibition | Opening Event

“The Child Who Speaks to the Sea” | Poetry Book Launch event

Sneak Peek: A Joint Event Celebrating CARNIVAL

Open Call | ‘Παραμόρφωση’ Ομαδική Έκθεση

‘Möbius spaces’ | Opening event of the Solo Exhibition by Xristos Panagiotou

‘Möbius spaces’ | Solo Exhibition by Xristos Panagiotou

‘HeARTwarming Throwback 2021’ | Group Exhibition

‘Μεταλλάξεις’ | Ατομίκη Έκθεση του Βάσου Καραγίαννη

‘Μεταλλάξεις’ | Ατομίκη Έκθεση του Βάσου Καραγίαννη

KIDS for KIDS “Charity Art Exhibition”

Sneak Peek: ‘Conversations’ Exhibition Opening Event

‘Conversations’ Exhibition | Opening event

‘Γκριζόχρωμα’ | Ατομική Έκθεση Χρήστου Κακουλλή

‘REVIVAL’ Solo Exhibition by Rita Daugher Mekanna

Γκριζόχρωμα | Solo Art Exhibition by Christos Kakoulli

‘REVIVAL’ | Solo Exhibition by Rita Dagher Mekanna

‘Conversations’ | Open Call for Artists

Sneak Peek | ‘SAY HELLO’ Group Exhibition

Bart Kuykens in Cyprus | Charity Solo Exhibition

‘Words with a Story’ | Solo Exhibition by Stavri Pidia

‘SAY HELLO’ | Opening Event

SNEAK PEEK | ‘Miracle of Life’ by Irene Fani Efstathiou

Bart Kuykens | Charity Solo Exhibition

‘Words with a Story’ | Solo Exhibition by Stavri Pidia

Summer Art Exhibition

‘Miracle of Life’ | Solo Exhibition by Irene Fani Efstathiou

SNEAK PEEK | ‘The Wanderer’ Exhibition by Christian Fohtung

‘Shoot Cyprus’ Photography Exhibition | Opening Event

Art Workshop by Rita Mekanna

‘The Wanderer’ | Solo Exhibition by Christian Fohtung

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Monogramma Vlll’ by Rebecca Savvidou Trimikliniotou

‘Say Hello’ | Open Call for Artists

Monogramma Vlll | Solo Exhibition by Rebecca Savvidou Trimikliniotou

Photography Open Call: ‘Shoot Cyprus’

‘Capricornus’ Exhibition by Pablo | Opening Event

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Portrait’ Exhibition | Opening event

‘Portrait’ Exhibition | Opening event

SNEAK PEEK | ‘Lemons & Waves’ Opening Event

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Back To Life’ by Ludmila Budanov

‘Lemons & Waves’ | Solo Exhibition by Kompi

‘Blue’ Group Exhibition | Opening event

‘Back To Life’ | Solo exhibition by Ludmila Budanov

Blue Exhibition | Opening event

“Covid and Art. Downfall or Renaissance?”

Open Call | ‘Portrait’ Art Exhibition

Open Call: ‘Blue’ Exhibition

‘In House’ | Solo Exhibition by Giorgos Georgiades

SNEAK PEEK | Giorgos Mouzourides Solo Exhibition

‘Black & White’ exhibition

‘Drops of Art’: Affordable Treasures exhibition

OPEN CALL | Black & White Exhibition

‘What’s your story?’ exhibition

SNEAK PEEK: ‘The Garden’ Exhibition by Polina Isakharova

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Abandoned Artwork’ Exhibition opening event

OPEN CALL: ‘Drops of Art’- Affordable Treasures

EXHIBITION | Polina Isakharova: Meet the artist

EXHIBITION l Abandoned Artwork – Opening

Stavri Pidia: “As an artist I speak with my emotions.”

Χρώματα & Δαντελωτά Μαντάλα | Εργαστήρι & Παρουσίαση Βιβλίου

‘Quill & Feel’ exhibition: Pan Meraklis and Irina Sigitova

‘Identity’ Group Exhibition

Open Call Group Art Exhibition: ‘Identity’ at Exhibit 8

EXHIBITION | Shaped Chaos | Evdokia Georgiou

EXHIBITION | Chronicles of a Reflection | Fani Agisilaou

Bauhaus at Harvard

Popi Mouskatou exhibits her art at Exhibit8