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Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage is a creative hub, a space where art, originality, innovation, and daring ideas can find a home in the heart of Limassol. Exhibit 8 hosts local and international artists, who explore and create in various media such as painting, sculpting, photography, installation, and more. The goal is to create both a physical and an online platform for artists and audiences that offers them exposure to a multi-purposed journey of Arts, education, and creation, mirroring the era we are going through.

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 18:00

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

*Wine Cellar: Monday – Friday: 13:00 – 21:00

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Artists are the source of cultural inspiration, progress, and growth of our country. This section of our gallery is dedicated and designed especially for them, in order to illustrate their outstanding artworks. We wish to present a variety of artworks with unique styles, color palettes, techniques, and images created by talented artists.

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“Covid and Art. Downfall or Renaissance?”

Have you thought of just switching off the TV, letting the world wait, and just make time for yourself? Well, Covid-19 did just that. While it might have grown to be tiring for some people, for others, it was the time to invest in themselves, refocus their targets and get ample free time to work … read more

Open Call | ‘Portrait’ Art Exhibition

Portraits of own’s self; portraits of a loved one; portraits of an unknown person or a famous persona! Face’s expressions; face’s chaos and harmony; face’s realism and abstractions are a daily inspiration for beings to create through both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of art! An exhibition aiming to present the various styles, colours, methods and … read more

Open Call: ‘Blue’ Exhibition

Blue – a color – a feeling – a space. We are looking to exhibit your bluest artwork! Artworks created with shades of dark and /or light blue! Blue can be calm; it can be stormy or moody. It is up to the artist what he/she wants to express! All mediums, sizes and forms of … read more

‘In House’ | Solo Exhibition by Giorgos Georgiades

‘In House’ exhibition We are so excited that we have host the ‘In House’ unique solo exhibition by Mr. Giorgos Georgiades! This exhibition inlcudes the newest and freshest Artworks of the artist. Giorgos Georgiades has studied Art in Athens and he is now based and working at his studio in Larnaca.  He has solo exhibitions … read more

SNEAK PEEK | Giorgos Mouzourides Solo Exhibition

It was our pleasure to host the artist Giorgos Mouzourides at our gallery. He is a sculptor born in Limassol in 1962 in Limassol of Cyprus. He studied Architecture at the University of Rome in Italy and he owns a PhD too. He is working as a part-time architect and his creations are not limited … read more

‘Black & White’ exhibition

Sneak Peak on that amazing night of ‘Black & White’ exhibition contest!! Artworks from various mediums were hosted at our gallery and they were all remarkable. The judges were the Art Curator of the gallery, Evdokia Georgiou and the President of Cyprus Society of Education through Arts – CySea, Phivi Antoniou. They judged with the … read more

‘Drops of Art’: Affordable Treasures exhibition

An Art exhibition for artists! Offering to the audience Affordable Treasures for admiration and purchase at the beginning of the Autumn era! We are happy that we have hosted unique collections of artworks by amazing local artists to our exhibition in the heart of Limassol’s city centre. The ‘Drops of Art’- Affordable Treasures exhibition aims to … read more

OPEN CALL | Black & White Exhibition

It’s CONTEST time!! Are you an artist thrilled to win a Solo Exhibition in a well-established space in Limassol? Then, submit your best work in Black & White hues!! Short-listed artists will be exhibited at our gallery. The winner artist will be selected from the judging committee to have a Solo Exhibition in a well- … read more

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