About us

Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage is a multicultural space full of creative ideas, images and forms; coming along together to fulfillment the need of a cultural and fresh ‘breath’ to the heart of Limassol’s city centre. Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage hosts local and international artists, who explore and create in various media such as painting, sculpting, photography, installation etc. Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage targets on creating both a physical and an online platform for artists and audience to offer them an exposure within a multi-purposed journey of Arts, education and creation of the era we are going through.

Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage aims to be the link between artists and the art lovers. Dynamically entering the Art field through our social media channels, website and our artistic and professional presentation we aim to present high quality artworks to art lovers, artists, as well as to professionals who are interested to invest in Arts. Furthermore, Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage in collaboration with talented artists, provides artworks tailored to your preferences to upgrade your interiors. The Art collection can be elaborated to beautify and enhance all sizes of interior, from homes to offices, from enterprises to hotels. Investing in our collaboration with developers, architects and interior designers to expand the presence of artists’ artworks, thus offering them a stepping stone for a greater exposure.

Exhibit 8 Crafts & Heritage can provide to the artist:

  • Exhibiting in the Limassol’s city Centre
  • Art curating
  • Online shop
  • Blog post on our website
  • Marketing services and design of promotional material
  • Design of artist’s portfolio
  • Design of the exhibition catalogue
  • Professional photographer taking photos & short video film during the opening event
  • Exposure to corporate individuals, who wish to invest on Art
  • Exposure to interior designers and architects
  • Full-front vitrine
  • Artist’s presentation on the gallery’s TV for 24hr
  • Music player and speakers
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