Marina Hadjiefthimiou – Solo Art Exhibition

“There are eyes at the tips of my fingers.”


Exhibit8 gallery in Limassol organizes “There are eyes at the tips of my fingers”, the first solo exhibition by the Cypriot artist Marina Hadjiefthimiou. The work presented composes a visual translation of perceptions, mental and sentimental states as the subject of the exhibition is the artistic rendering of questions concerning the sense of existing and being present in the world. The exhibition will open on Friday 28 of April and will last till the 13th of May.

Phenomenology is the theoretical background which informs the artist’s work. The perceiving body and its perceived world are approached as inextricably entangled entities. Marina Hadjiefthimiou attempts to convey in artistic output the sense of bodily matter and intangible being.

More specifically, the exhibition concerns the sense of ephemerality, protectiveness, fragility or strength of the human body, the sensation of being in the world, of sharing the same world with others. The purpose is to create a meeting point where common human feelings are roused, to evoke empathy through a deeply sensorial presentation of artistic matter. The visual and the tangible become one and diffuse into space inviting the viewer to a haptic and experiential engagement and apprehension of the work.


“There are eyes at the tips of my fingers” includes works of various formats and materials like painted glassine vellum paper sculpture in an installation format and sculptural work made with clay or liquid glass. The material qualities and manipulation stand for and give reference to certain sensations. There is an interplay between concepts, media and processes of work so that an incorporated meaning is attributed. The viewer can walk through and around the work, engage with it and apprehend it experientially.


The artworks exhibited appear as abstract objects, anonymous in appearance, and have a strong material presence that bears witness to the creative process and stimulates bodily senses. The exhibition is accompanied by an ASMR soundscape that functions as a starting point for the expansion of the viewer’s sensorial possibilities.


The artist

Marina Hadjiefthimiou is a graduate of BA Fine Art (Hons) and also holds a Psychology BSc and MSc degree. She has a special interest in the artistic rendering of the personal human experience, using various methods and materials, inviting the viewer to a meeting point of communication and identification.


The opening event will be held on Friday 28 of April, at 19.30, by Maria Kouvarou, Doctor of Musicology and Writer


Sponsor of the opening event is Ezousa Winery and Ghalanos distributors.


Art Curation: Eleanna Avouri

Art Direction: Sonia Photiou


More Information

Duration:  28 April– 13 May 2023

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 23:00/ Saturday: 12.00 – 23:00

Private viewings are available upon request

Exhibit8 Gallery: Hatziloizi Mihailidi 21, Katholiki, 3041, Limassol, Cyprus

Information:, Instagram: exhibit8gallery, facebook: @exhibit8art, tel: +357 25 21 21 71