Author: Sonia Photiou

OPEN CALL “Emotion-Scapes”

“Emotion-Scapes” Open call

Is emotion a purely personal experience or is it involved in broader socio-political processes, in the making of history it-shelf? If so, are intimate, public and mass-scale emotions distinct categories or they are experienced in a constant flux?

Art has always been one of the oldest and most profound mediums of expressing and producing emotion in public.

The exhibition aspires to present a discussion on how art shapes the emotion-scapes of today. Through their artworks, artists are called to reflect on the role that emotion plays in their creations and the possible interplays between personal and social feelings.

All mediums, sizes and forms of Art are welcomed.

You may submit your artowork via email at

For more info please call 25 21 21 71.

Submission Deadline: 16th of December


Art Curator: Eleanna Avouri

Art Director: Sonia Photiou


Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 23:00/ Saturday: 12.00 – 23:00

Exhibit8 Gallery: Georgiou Gennadiou 16 & Andrea Themistokleous, Katholiki, 3041 Limassol

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Yury Peshkov Solo Art Exhibition

“Cyprus in Black & White”

 Solo art exhibition by Yury Peshkov at Exhibit8 gallery in Limassol.

Duration: 16 December – 7 January

The opening event of the exhibition “Cyprus in Black and White”, will be held on Friday, December 16, at 19.30 by Natalia Kardash, Publisher, Editor-in- Chief, Vestnik Kipra, Founder, Successful business Leaders’ Club.

The exhibition “Cyprus in Black and White” works as a tribute to Cypriot sceneries and the beauty of the fleeting moment. Yury Peshkov captures the local surroundings with affection that celebrates even the most ordinary details. Still views of nature, monuments and the city present a fixed and yet in constant movement world.

The artworks of the exhibition are created with the “Dry brush” technique which is considered a fine line between drawing and painting. Commonly, a bristle brush is used to apply pure oil paint pigment without an oil binder and a hard eraser can create highlights. A time-consuming technique that requires accurate execution from the artist but at the same time offers expressiveness, lightness, and volume.  Dry brush perfectly reproduces the effect of black and white photography and even the effect of airbrushing in the drawing.

Yury Peshkov was born in Leningrad in 1963. He grew up in an artistic environment and graduated from art school in Zviezdny City in 1980. In his youth, his favourite pastime was to make sketches in the open air with pencil and charcoal, drawing on every piece of paper.

 Art Curation: Eleanna Avouri

Art Direction: Sonia Photiou

Sponsor of the opening is Ayia Mavri Winery

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 23:00/ Saturday: 12.00 – 23:00

Private viewings are available upon request

Exhibit8 Gallery: Georgiou Gennadiou 16 & Andrea Themistokleous, Katholiki, 3041 Limassol

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“Objets de mémoire” by Alexandros Chairetakis & Elli Lyraraki

A duo Art Exhibition by Alexandros Chairetakis and Elli titled “Objets de mémoire”, at Exhibit8 gallery in Limassol.

Duration: 11 November – 10 December. The opening event of the art exhibition “Objets de mémoire”, will be held on Friday, November 11, at 19.30


The exhibition “Objets de mémoire” presents the artworks of two eminent Greek artists, Alexandros Chairetakis and Elli Lyraraki. The French title of the exhbition is a direct reference to the notion of “memory spaces” of Pierre Nora. In a similar manner to Nora’s spaces, the two artists create objects, shapes and sceneries that reflect the inextricable connection between memory and the realm of the symbolic.

The section of Alexandros Chairetakis’ artworks includes realistic still life oil paintings while at times objects are placed in an impressionistic background.

The artworks of Elli Lyraraki consist of modern abstract compositions with acrylics. The main expressive mediums are geometry, colour and free writing. The artist is inspired by the longstanding tradition of her place of origin, Crete, and mostly from the Minoan culture, a culture rich in images and patterns.


Alexandros Chairetakis was born in Athens in 1959. He studied at the schools of Fine Arts in Athens, Paris and Berlin. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. His works are found in public, corporate, bank and private collections in Greece and abroad. He has created artworks for poem collections and literature editions. His art exhibitions began in 1985. Until today he has attended many group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad. His work has received international recognition.


Elli Lyraraki was born and raised in Athens. She studied music and Interior design. In recent years, Elli has been living permanently in her place of origin, in Crete. She is the first Greek Designer to present with great success a collectible line of shoes and jewelry at the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris inspired by the Minoan Culture. Her paintings have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Athens, London, Moscow, Instanbul and Cyprus. Her work was featured in the French-German channel ART-E and the French channel TV5.

Art Curation: Eleanna Avouri

Art Direction: Sonia Photiou

At the opening event a collectible collection of leather jewellery will be available, designed by Elli Lyraraki for the purposes of the exhibition.


Sponsor of the opening is WineVault- Ktima Tselepos.

Entertainment: In the event there will be live music by the jazz saxophonist and musician Simos Tziakouris.

Duration: 11 November – 10 December 2022

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 23:00/ Saturday: 12.00 – 23:00

Private viewings are available upon request

Exhibit8 Gallery: Georgiou Gennadiou 16 & Andrea Themistokleous, Katholiki, 3041 Limassol

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Renos Efesopoulos / Glass Fence-The Exodus

Solo Art Exhibition by Renos Efesopoulos, titled “Glass Fence – The Exodus”, October 7 – 31, 2022, at Exhibit8 gallery in Limassol.

The opening event of the third solo art exhibition by Renos Efesopoulos will be held on Friday, October 7, at 19:30, by Dr. Nadia Anaxagorou, Director of Cultural Services of the Municipality of Limassol.

The exhibition presents two artistic views of the same subject. The first approach “Glass Fence”, which has already been exhibited in Nicosia in 2015, features goats in front of a range of flat backgrounds in shades of blue and painted in oil. In the new approach “The Exodus”, the goats are presented in the natural environment but in a painting approach characterised by altered, intense and clear colours, and this time, using mixed media with the prevalence of acrylic inks.


Duration: October 7 – 31

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 23:00

Exhibit8 Gallery: Georgiou Gennadiou 16 & Andrea Themistokleous, Katholiki, 3041 Limassol

Information:, Instagram: exhibit8gallery, facebook: @exhibit8art


RESPECT – Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας

ΕΚΘΕΣΗ ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑΣ «RESPECT», 1η Ιουλίου– 14 Ιουλίου, γκαλερί Exhibit8.

Η γκαλερί Exhibit8 σε συνεργασία με την Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία Κύπρου διοργανώνει έκθεση φωτογραφίας με τίτλο «RESPECT».

Η έκθεση είναι αφιερωμένη στους πυροσβέστες,  τους ανθρώπους που αψηφούν καθημερινά τη ζωή τους για την δική μας ασφάλεια. Στους ανθρώπους που με αλτρουισμό και αυτοθυσία αντιμετωπίζουν κάθε πρόκληση,  έστω και αν  καταλήγει σε ιδιαίτερα επικίνδυνα συμβάντα.

Μέσα από την έκθεση προβάλλεται ένα μέρος του έργου της Πυροσβεστικής Υπηρεσίας και αποτίεται ελάχιστος  φόρος τιμής στους πυροσβέστες  που χάθηκαν εν ώρα υπηρεσίας.

Η έκθεση θα περιλαμβάνει φωτογραφικό υλικό που παραχωρήθηκε από την Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία, από επαγγελματίες και ερασιτέχνες φωτογράφους καθώς και φωτογραφίες του φωτογράφου Max Zhiltsov, συνεργάτης της Exhibit8 Gallery, με πυροσβέστες εν δράσει. Όλες οι φωτογραφίες της έκθεσης θα διατίθενται προς πώληση.

Τα καθαρά έσοδα από τις πωλήσεις της έκθεσης θα διατεθούν στην Παγκύπρια Οργάνωση Νεφροπαθών.


Επιμελήτρια έκθεσης: Άντρη Αριστοτέλους

Υπεύθυνη δημιουργικής ομάδας: Σόνια Φωτίου

Εικαστικός Σύμβουλος: Άννα Αγαπίου

Αφήγηση κειμένου: Θανάσης Ιωάννου


Εγκαίνια έκθεσης: Παρασκευή 1η Ιουλίου 2022, ώρα 19:30-22:00.

Διάρκεια έκθεσης: 1η Ιουλίου –14 Ιουλίου 2022



Διεύθυνση: Γεωργίου Γενναδίου 16 και Αντρέα Θεμιστοκλέους, Καθολική, 3041, Λεμεσός, Κύπρος

Email: / Ιστοσελίδα: Τηλέφωνο: 25212171

Solo Art Exhibition Tess Turner – ‘The Eternal Landscapes’

Solo Art Exhibition Tess Turner, ‘The Internal Landscapes’, 3rd of June 2022 – 30th of June 2022, at Exhibit 8 Gallery

The opening event of the Exhibition ‘The Internal Landscapes’ was held on Friday, the 3rd of June at 20:00 at Exhibit 8. The opening speech was held by Mr. Andreas Vryonides. The exhibition will last until the 30th of June 2022.


Tess Turner grew up on the island of Cyprus. Her travels during the early part of her life took her throughout Europe and later to the USA and the Middle East. Traveling became the beginning and foundation of her education in art. Apart from her little island which has so much ancient history, from mosaics to old streets to the turquoise sea that surrounds it, her travels to other countries have woken the sleeping giant. Wanting to capture what she sees and share it as her own vision defines her as an artist with her own extraordinary style.

Her talent and ability were recognized by renowned artist Stefan Bauman, who has become her coach and adviser as she continues her artistic career. In 2007 she opened her own studio and began creating as a professional artist. Since then, she has been invited to show her art at Fine Art exhibitions and galleries in Cyprus, Italy, and Boston Massachusetts USA.

“My paintings are full of passion and mood, and invite the viewer to experience a world of contemporary landscape expressionism.” To achieve the results she strives for, she uses a precise color palette directly reflective of the message she wishes to impart on the viewer. Tess works primarily in oil using a brush and palette knife to create her noteworthy pieces.


 Artist’s statement

“I capture the effect of light and shadow on my subjects and use this to create and invite interpretation of my work. I have been told that my art is something the viewer would… “want to step into”.
As a Plein air painter, I am drawn to the tapestry of shapes and color found in the villages of Cyprus, and, this mosaic of hews and tones are what I try to convey in my paintings. The light can change the mood of the houses and surroundings in an instant, and to capture it at the perfect moment is what I strive for, and to put this on canvas is my goal.


Art Curators: Andri Aristotelous

Art director: Sonia Fotiou


The exhibition will last until the 30th of June 2022.


Exhibit8 Gallery

Address: 16 Georgiou Gennadiou and Andrea Themistokleous, Katholiki, 3041, Limassol.

Email: / Website: Τelephone: 25212171

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-23:00


Open Call Group Art Exhibition: ‘Identity’ at Exhibit 8

Our first OPEN CALL for a Group Art Exhibition is now happening.


An identity is created and differentiated. Identity exists both in the microcosm and the macrocosm such as the universe, nature, cells, objects, people and even in everyday life.

We are going through an era where ‘self-profiles’ are a usual phenomenon. This phenomenon is observed in various forms and places, including social media, personal choices of clothing and hobbies, possessions, as well as an individual’s way of expression and thinking. An object is structurally created with certain materials to be functional in everyday life, thus serving its users. Thus, objects have their own established identity and qualities.

The identity of humans can be explored through their own reflections, actions and reactions through daily public and private interferences. People’s identity could be a combination of their social, cultural and educational background and how that is continuously evolving. The identity of an artist has no exception, and similarly to the rest of the world, it is constantly changing through time. The concept of ‘identity’ is so broad and yet so specific and sensitive for each one of us. The artists, through their five senses, could observe and present an unusual perspective of an everyday situation, object or feeling and thus developing their own unique characteristics.


Art Curator: Evdokia Georgiou

Art Director: Sonia Photiou

Submission deadline: The 10th of January 2020.

The announcement of the selected artists will be on the 13th of January 2020.

  • The opening of the exhibition will be on Friday, the 31st of January 2020 and it will be on for 10 days.

We wish to invite artists to submit their artworks of various media such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photographs and mixed media.

How to submit:

  • Submission is free.
  • Participation fee if selected is 50 euro.
  • In your application you should include the artist’s biography, statement (incl. clear reference to the exhibition’s theme) and photos of artwork. (finished or in process)
  • Commission applied: 15%.
  • Sale of artwork is optional and consent from the artists is needed in written form.

What we provide:

  • Excellent facilities in Limassol city center
  • Wall Space with hanging accessories for hanging artwork and plinths for sculptures available.
  • Design of promotional material.
  • Advertising through posters and TVs on the gallery’s vitrine.
  • Paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram
  • Professionally made video documenting the opening of the exhibition and its publication.
  • Artists’ templates with the selected artworks’ close ups.
  • Cocktail at the opening.
  • Catalogue of the exhibition for each artist.

EXHIBITION | Shaped Chaos | Evdokia Georgiou

‘Shaped Chaos- Art exhibition

Opening: 15th of November at Exhibit 8 Gallery in Limassol Cyprus

‘Shaped Chaos’ is the first solo exhibition of the upcoming artist, Evdokia Georgiou, who is based in Limassol of Cyprus. As a Fine Art graduate of University of Kent; Evdokia, in 2015, she was short-listed for the CVAN Platform Graduate Award. The artist has participated to various exhibition both in Cyprus and abroad- United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Among others, Evdokia participated in Larnaca Biennale 2018, ‘Aspects of Goddess’ in Rome Art Week 2019, and the ‘Summer show’ in Barcelona. An artwork of the artist is part of the Imago Mundi collection since 2018 and exhibited in the same year in Trieste, Italy.


About ‘Shaped chaos’ exhibition:

The exhibition is based on a collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings, through which the artist wishes to re-create images of the surrounded forms and situations in nature, society and human’s daily life. Evdokia wishes to invite the audience in a playful and yet multidimensional artworks to challenge the different aspects in a society. Therefore, the artist illustrates the progressive direction of beings and the need of sustainability and consciousness towards the change in the social and private realms.

Don’t miss it!


Evdokia Georgiou

EXHIBITION | Chronicles of a Reflection | Fani Agisilaou

Fani Agisilaou was born in 1991 and is a fine art graduate from UCA and is currently based in Cyprus Limassol. After experimenting with art photography and completing her master degree on History and Theory of art in 2017 she went back to painting. She finds inspiration through her everyday social experiences and human interactions. Through her work she investigates the psychological complexity of women through intimate observations in their personal space. She strives to represent some part of their temperament. They are strong, beautiful, independent and vulnerable at the same time. In that process of course she is including her own self. This is year she had her first solo exhibition at Exhibit8 gallery.
An amalgam of works, arranged into a visual diary, speaks of crucial events in a certain girl’s life, and her dual role of actor and observer as those events unravel.
Through a painful, yet painstaking, attempt at comprehending the ways in which past experiences persistently determine current decisions, thoughts and emotions, a female figure is born. Whether that figure belongs to the artist herself is unclear.
What is clear, however, is that by observing “her” the artist is able to obtain a broader, more holistic understanding of things, which in turn demands that she faces what she essentially needs.
A series of works through which love, anger and the desire of solace, vividly emanate.
Visit the gallery on Friday 13th of September at 19:30 at Exhibit 8 Gallery at 6 Andrea Drousioti, 3040 Limassol

Bauhaus at Harvard

The university showcases deep relationship between the movement and its school of design

By Joseph Boisvere

In graduate school I took a course on Latin American cinema that primed me for this show, The Bauhaus and Harvard, which is organized in conjunction with the centennial of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. But Bauhaus is a German movement, and Germany is not in Latin America, you might reasonably argue. Fair. However, during this course on films of the western hemisphere I was fortunate to be exposed to Arturo Escobar’s brilliant book from 2018 Designs for the Pluriverse: Radical Interdependence, Autonomy, and the Making of Worlds. In it, Escobar makes a sophisticated argument over many chapters that I can sum up briefly: Design is everywhere in human society, and how a culture, a person, a movement, designs anything – from tools to buildings to works of art – is indicative of a unique perspective on how the world works, how it is created and dwelt within, and the designer’s role within this world.

This is a brilliant reversal of the practical logic of Bauhaus, in a certain sense, which took aesthetic intentions and married these to the pragmatic concerns of design. Harvard’s retrospective on the relationship that the university enjoyed with Bauhaus and its contributors is a succinct and yet varied look into not only some interesting outcomes of this design but also the training that students of design at the university’s campus during the dominance of Bauhaus underwent.

Studies and exercises in color, line, and form appear not only beside furniture and architectural diagrams, but alongside drawings by Kandinsky, a massive wall-mounted sculpture by Hans Arp, and a twenty-foot long painting by Herbert Bayer which once hung in Harkness Commons. Semi-industrial samples of Bauhaus weaving hang like tapestries as testaments to the rigorous workshop training that designers were expected to complete. The show is laid out in a way such that these very different artifacts occupy a space that tells a story, not as you walk through as in some retrospective shows, but in its very amalgamation. The various media lain one next to another suggest that the show’s layout itself is utilitarian, demonstrative, and aesthetic all at once.

A century after Bauhaus rose out of the ashes of the first World War, this retrospective on its integration into Harvard’s School of Design closes the gap even further between the purely aesthetic and the necessarily pragmatic. It gives its audience a hint as to what Escobar argued in his recent book: that design is ubiquitous, even a retrospective art and design show performs a function as it entertains. Bauhaus at Harvard reminds us to appreciate the aesthetical qualities of the utilitarian and to expect beauty from that which may otherwise be merely useful.

Joseph Boisvere

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