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‘Miracle of Life’ | Solo Exhibition by Irene Fani Efstathiou

We are so excited to host the Art exhibition by Irene Fani Efstathiou ‘Miracle of Life’.

The exhibition is consisted of various paintings and drawings based the different stages of pregnancy and motherhood! The artist builds us a narrative between the audience and her artwork about her experiences, thoughts and emotions. Through the series of art pieces, Irene aims to illustrate the first stage of pregnancy and how woman’s’ body change through this beautiful journey!

*The opening of the ‘Miracle of Life’ Exhibition will be on the 6th of August at 19:30 at our gallery. The exhibition will be due the 10th of August.

**Gallery’s opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 23:00 / Sunday to Monday: closed


‘The Wanderer’ | Solo Exhibition by Christian Fohtung

‘The Wanderer’

Solo Exhibition by Christian Fohtung is right ahead!

 Opening event at the 23rd of July at 19:30!!

Abstract paintings, traditional dancers performing & more in a cozy atmosphere!
Christian is strongly influenced by his emotions, thoughts and experiences.

“My work is a broadcast of symbolic forms arising when energy at a state of rest links with another at state of movement creating the essence of ideas”

Short Bio:

Dinga Chrsitian Fohtung born on the 24th of July 1989 in a small town in the north western part of cameroon migrated to the island of Cyprus in 2016 where he started my artistic journey as an actor. Christian participated in several music videos, while also being fashion model. The cumulation of life experience and being part of this forgoten time and space we live in is what his paintings express,an inorderly intelligent specie building worlds and destrying their own creations.

“The role I play with my paintings is expressing order and chaos as Love and Beauty”

Join us for Art & Wine near Saripolou Square!!

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Monogramma Vlll’ by Rebecca Savvidou Trimikliniotou

Last night was the Opening event of ‘Monogramma VIII’, the Solo Exhibition of Rebecca Savvidou Trimikliniotou at our gallery at Saripolou Square!

The ‘Monogramma VIII’ Exhibition is Rebecca’s 8th Solo Exhibition in Cyprus and she has also participated in various group exhibitions in the island.
She is a Musician and a Painter. Rebecca is a Limassol resident and she has studied Music at Lyon of France. She participated in various concerts and operas both in Cyprus and Europe such as in Poland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and Netherlands. Her artwork is colourful and at some parts abstract.
/ The exhibition will be on until the 16th of July.

Artist’s statement

Time is continually running and there is a continuous exploration of inside and outside of oneself, which has no alignments. Consistency and hard work. The light comes as a liberation, to reduce the wild anxiety, as well as the sound that calms down the souls. The energy of the colours unfolds like a secret garden that hides one more and different dimension of things and beings.

*Art Gallery’s opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 22:00
Sunday & Monday: closed

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Portrait’ Exhibition | Opening event

Curatorial statement:


“You look happy

You look upset

You look scary

Oh, you look extraordinary!”


There are facial expressions of anger, desperation, chaos and there are others of harmony, happiness, enthusiasm. The ‘Portrait’ exhibition aims to present the various styles, colours, methods and possibilities a portrait could be drawn, painted, sculpted or photographed.

In art, faces, appearances and emotions could be presented as they are, explored and twisted. The creator could create himself/herself, as well as aim to illustrate a loved one, an unknown person or even a creature, or a famous persona! Through people’s faces, the audience could recognize past scars, emotions, social and cultural influences, concerns and many more.

Artists are creating through realistic and abstract methodologies to present how they observe the concept. Artists are exploring colors, forms, images, materials, brush strokes, textures, stitching, crosshatching and many more techniques to present their own perspective and style by creating a face!

View more about the artworks and the event by clicking here.

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou

Participant Artists

Marios Theophilides, Antonia Aristiadou (Tonia), Nona Michael, Irene Louca, Alicja Cwek, Christina Saba, Dona Androniki Mikellidou, Loukia Soteriou, Ti – Jean Roberts, Dasha Yeutukh, Xanthos Sarris, Vartan Ghazarian, Kristina Karayianni, Zana Costa, Maria Theodosiou, Anthia Constantinou, LRo ( Elina Rodosthenous), Chrysanthos Diamantakis

The exhibition will be at our gallery until the 23rd of June.

Gallery’s opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 18:00 & Saturday – Sunday: closed

Wine Cellar’s opening hours: Monday to Friday: 13:00 – 21:00 & Saturday – Sunday: closed




SNEAK PEEK | ‘Lemons & Waves’ Opening Event

‘Lemons & Waves’
Solo exhibition by Kompi
photo credits to Spiros Christofi

Best known on the island for his colourful tattoos, Kompi has recently, also been slowly making his name as a painter. Stuck in the house during the lockdown back in March like the rest of us, Kompi found the only way to escape from reality, while also mentally visit his favourite places in Cyprus, was through painting. This is how the concept of this exhibition was brought to life.

‘Lemons & Waves’ is Kompi’s second solo exhibition, and this one is fully dedicated to his beloved Cyprus. From the camping site in Kato Pyrgos, to the mountains of Kakopetria, these unique paintings are for all the beach bums, the surfers, the water babies and those who simply appreciate the beauty of nature on the island. Kompi’s artworks are consisted of a variety sizes and themes will be for sale in a beautiful atmosphere in the heart of Limassol’s city centre.

View more photos of the event by clicking here.

His work will be in our gallery until the 12th of June.

**Gallery’s opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 13:00 / 14:00 – 18:00, Saturday & Sunday: closed
**Wine cava opening hours: Monday – Friday: 13:00 – 21:00, Saturday & Sunday: closed

SNEAK PEEK: ‘Back To Life’ by Ludmila Budanov

A remarkable 3-day Solo Exhibition began on the 26th of May!

‘Back To Life’ is the latest of Ludmila’s Solo Exhibitions and it is hosted by Exhibit 8 in the heart of Limassol’s city centre.

Ever wish that you could experience paintings the way you do music?

As a trained musician, she spent decades conducting orchestras and teaching before moving into abstract painting as she found music restricting.  This is why her paintings are intense and ever changing, they depict music. She is affected by the world around her as  the world, in its current predicament, is too harsh and dark and wanted to create artwork that would make anyone content even in the darkest of days. It doesn’t presume anything, it just is.

Ludmila’s methodology is a mix between unique and spontaneous oil painting and are almost always executed in bold or pastel colours that bleed into one another as if they have been submerged in water. Her artwork oozes light and colour and has become increasingly popular (Cyprus) and is expanding internationally. She also exhibited in Taiwan, Amsterdam, Germany, Russia, Spain, Latvia and China.

‘Blue’ Group Exhibition | Opening event

‘Blue’ exhibition’s opening was on the 20th of May at our Gallery. The Exhibit 8 Gallery was recently relocated at Saripolou square, in the heart of Limassol’s City Centre.
This exhibition is consisted of blue and remarkable artworks!! An open theme exhibition with photography artworks, paintings, drawings and sculptures. All are based on the blue colour!
Blue – a color – a feeling – a space.
Artworks are created with shades, hues and tints of
dark and light blue!
Blue can be calm; it can be stormy or moody.
Blue can be anything.
People’s perspective on a particular colour could vary based on their experiences and senses. Monochrome idea was a significant part for the colour theory in Arts and it is a durable way of expression through Contemporary Art too.
Artists are invited to use the colour in any way they wish to explore the colour’s possibilities, composition, simplicity, as well as abstraction. For more photos click here.
Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou
Participant artists:
Charalambos Charalambous, Vartan Ghazarian, Alia Corm, Sotiris Ioannides, Xanthos Sarris, Eleni Nikolaou, Marina Michail, Andriani Nicolaou, Dora Zervas, Iryna Manukovska, Katya Bushevskaya, Fanos Avouri, Stavri Pidia, Loukia Soteriou, Andria Milioti, Androniki Lasithiotaki, Ellada Amvrosidou
The ‘Blue’ exhibition will be due the 25th of May.
Gallery’s opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:00 & Saturday & Sunday: closed

‘In House’ | Solo Exhibition by Giorgos Georgiades

‘In House’ exhibition

We are so excited that we have host the ‘In House’ unique solo exhibition by Mr. Giorgos Georgiades! This exhibition inlcudes the newest and freshest Artworks of the artist.

Giorgos Georgiades has studied Art in Athens and he is now based and working at his studio in Larnaca.  He has solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece.

The artist’s artworks are characterized by extraordinary figures immersed in their own world. His artworks have both the form of paintings which are created on pieces of wood and canvases, as well as 3-dimensional forms of art. In addition, his artworks stand out by the bright colour’ palette the artist uses, as well as the enlarged and altered beyond normal features.

Art Curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art Director: Sonia Photiou

SNEAK PEEK | Giorgos Mouzourides Solo Exhibition

It was our pleasure to host the artist Giorgos Mouzourides at our gallery.

He is a sculptor born in Limassol in 1962 in Limassol of Cyprus. He studied Architecture at the University of Rome in Italy and he owns a PhD too. He is working as a part-time architect and his creations are not limited in a form.

This exhibition is the 4th Solo Exhibition and it was consisted of stunning sculptures of various form and sizes. Mouzourides creates small and big sculptures of human silhouettes, as well as horses heads, birds, mermaids and many more!



‘Black & White’ exhibition

Sneak Peak on that amazing night of ‘Black & White’ exhibition contest!!

Artworks from various mediums were hosted at our gallery and they were all remarkable.

The judges were the Art Curator of the gallery, Evdokia Georgiou and the President of Cyprus Society of Education through Arts – CySea, Phivi Antoniou. They judged with the criteria of technique and concept.

The winner of the exhibition is Christos Kakoulli with his artwork ‘Kahirapan’; spray on canvas!! Christos Kakoulli will soon exhibited out our Gallery! Stay tuned!

Participant artists: Mo Khatib, Angela Kyriakou, Sophie Adamou, Myk Turner, Andreas Kelpis, Anastasia Mina Fysa, Maria Siray, Stavri Pidia, Sheila Raven, Di Nai, Christos Kakoulli, Katie Sabry, Ludmila Ananieva

You could view the exhibition’s catalogue by clicking here.

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