Sneak Peek: ‘SHE’ Group Exhibition Opening event

The Opening of the exhibition ‘SHE’ was successfully happened on the 11th of March. We wish to thank the two significant women who gave the welcome speeches: Nadia Anaxagorou the Director of the Cultural Services at Municipality of Limassol and Kikoula Cotsapa the Past President of the board of friends of Cyprus University of Technology

|Group Art Exhibition

The ‘SHE’ group exhibition is consisted of both female and male artists aiming to illustrate through their artwork the woman’s existence. Artists were invited to give their own interpretation of woman in their own unique style, technique and medium. The exhibition is consisted of paintings and sculptures.

SHE; female; woman

The female existence was a source of inspirations for artists, authors, poets and musicians throughout history. The prehistoric idols in Cyprus and Greece were the first known representations of the female figure. During classical period, in Greece, sculptors were creating sculptures inspired by female goddess and mythology. Furthermore, in contemporary era, artists are exploring, challenging and developing various concepts concerning the women and their surrounding environment.

Participant artists:

Paintings: Agisilaou Fani, Butovskaya Larisa, Constantis Leonidas, Efesopoulos Andreas, Ghazarian Vartan, Giannou Marina, Hadjisavva Aristi, Kakoullis Christos, Kania Niki, Papafotiou Alexandra, Pidia Stavri, Paparazzi, Stavrou Katerina, Stoian Christian, Turner Tess, Varela Anna, Varelas Marios

Sculptures: Askoti Markella, Grozos Gregory, Kyprianou Maria, Yiapanis Philippos

Live sketching: Michail Samsonadze
Body Art Performance: Pidia Stavri, Efstathiou Marion, Christofidou Eleni, Drousiwti Andria

Art curators: Evdokia Georgiou & Andri Aristotelous
Art Director: Sonia Photiou
Artistic Supervision: Anna Agapiou

The exhibition will be until the 2nd of April.
*For more information: / 25212171

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