Solo Art Exhibition Tess Turner – ‘The Eternal Landscapes’

Solo Art Exhibition Tess Turner, ‘The Internal Landscapes’, 3rd of June 2022 – 30th of June 2022, at Exhibit 8 Gallery

The opening event of the Exhibition ‘The Internal Landscapes’ was held on Friday, the 3rd of June at 20:00 at Exhibit 8. The opening speech was held by Mr. Andreas Vryonides. The exhibition will last until the 30th of June 2022.


Tess Turner grew up on the island of Cyprus. Her travels during the early part of her life took her throughout Europe and later to the USA and the Middle East. Traveling became the beginning and foundation of her education in art. Apart from her little island which has so much ancient history, from mosaics to old streets to the turquoise sea that surrounds it, her travels to other countries have woken the sleeping giant. Wanting to capture what she sees and share it as her own vision defines her as an artist with her own extraordinary style.

Her talent and ability were recognized by renowned artist Stefan Bauman, who has become her coach and adviser as she continues her artistic career. In 2007 she opened her own studio and began creating as a professional artist. Since then, she has been invited to show her art at Fine Art exhibitions and galleries in Cyprus, Italy, and Boston Massachusetts USA.

“My paintings are full of passion and mood, and invite the viewer to experience a world of contemporary landscape expressionism.” To achieve the results she strives for, she uses a precise color palette directly reflective of the message she wishes to impart on the viewer. Tess works primarily in oil using a brush and palette knife to create her noteworthy pieces.


 Artist’s statement

“I capture the effect of light and shadow on my subjects and use this to create and invite interpretation of my work. I have been told that my art is something the viewer would… “want to step into”.
As a Plein air painter, I am drawn to the tapestry of shapes and color found in the villages of Cyprus, and, this mosaic of hews and tones are what I try to convey in my paintings. The light can change the mood of the houses and surroundings in an instant, and to capture it at the perfect moment is what I strive for, and to put this on canvas is my goal.


Art Curators: Andri Aristotelous

Art director: Sonia Fotiou


The exhibition will last until the 30th of June 2022.


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