‘Möbius spaces’ | Solo Exhibition by Xristos Panagiotou

We wish to invite you at the Solo Ehxibition by Xristos Panagiotou at our gallery in the heart of Limassol’s city centre. The Opening event will be on the 20th of January at 19:00.
About the artist:
Christos Panagiotou is an artist and researcher at the Lab for Animation Research (LAR), at the Department of Fine Arts, Cyprus University of Technology. He is a Ph.D. in Communication. His interests revolve around the notion of space as a Topological entity and how its structure is related to discourse and narratives. He examines the Möbius structure as a topological manifestation of psychological and political discourses and narratives.
About the exhibition:
Modernity is associated with quantification, measurement, structures, and, ultimately, a simulated, linear, and delimited edifice of the temporal and the spatial dimension. Clocks through machinery record time in sequential units of moments: milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, centuries. Space is also divided into linear, delimited, measurable units. Consumerism: machines manufacture units of products that we buy in units with units of value (price) to separate ourselves, to be “unique.” Modernity is a colossal machine ruled by an ordered quantity of units situated in space and time, a numerical plane of existence. No wonder statistics – and Google – is the new God. When we quantify the spatial and temporal dimensions, we restructure them as linear entities; Reality becomes the sum of dissociated temporal and spatial units bound together through a rigid scaffold set by machinery.
Once we delineate space and time, the concept of limits also arises. Limits separate entities and delineate units; limits justify where the Self starts and when it ends when the Other begins and where the Other stops. A linear perception of the Self also occurs in the temporal dimension. Limits separate who I am, who I am not, and whom I want to be in a linear temporal progression. Limits that quantify and justify the notion of property, and limits that demarcate whole nations – boundaries – the Self and the Other, limits of time – timetables, schedules – and Identities about who we are in time and space are formed, because after all, in Modernity, there are clean-cut temporal and spatial limits that separate in units the Self from the Other.
In this photography exhibition, I use the topological properties of the Möbius strip to restructure space within photographs non-linearly, thus subverting the notion of spatial linearity within the photographic image. Möbius strip has no orientation and no limits, no borders. I also refer to the aesthetics of M.C. Escher and Arnold Böcklin.
** The exhibition is based on my research about “space and time in artificial environments,” done in the context of my work as a researcher in the Lab for Animation Research