Blue Exhibition | Opening event

‘Blue’ Art Exhibition

‘Blue’ exhibition’s opening will be on the 20th of May at 7:30pm, at Exhibit 8 Gallery. The Exhibit 8 Gallery was recently relocated at Saripolou square, in the heart of the Limassol’s City Centre.

An open themed exhibition with photography artworks, paintings, drawings and sculptures. All artworks are based on the blue colour!

Blue – a color – a feeling – a space.

Artworks are created with shades, hues and tints of

dark and light blue!
Blue can be calm; it can be stormy or moody.

Blue can be anything.

People’s perspective on one colour is vary based on their experiences and senses. Monochrome idea was a significant part of the colour theory in Arts and it is a durable way of expression through Contemporary Art too.

Artists are invited to use the colour in any way they wish to explore the colour’s possibilities, composition, simplicity, as well as its abstract sense.

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou

The ‘Blue’ exhibition will be due the 25th of May.

  • Gallery’s opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00-13:00/ 14:00-18:00, Saturday & Sunday: closed