SNEAK PEEK: ‘Back To Life’ by Ludmila Budanov

A remarkable 3-day Solo Exhibition began on the 26th of May!

‘Back To Life’ is the latest of Ludmila’s Solo Exhibitions and it is hosted by Exhibit 8 in the heart of Limassol’s city centre.

Ever wish that you could experience paintings the way you do music?

As a trained musician, she spent decades conducting orchestras and teaching before moving into abstract painting as she found music restricting.  This is why her paintings are intense and ever changing, they depict music. She is affected by the world around her as  the world, in its current predicament, is too harsh and dark and wanted to create artwork that would make anyone content even in the darkest of days. It doesn’t presume anything, it just is.

Ludmila’s methodology is a mix between unique and spontaneous oil painting and are almost always executed in bold or pastel colours that bleed into one another as if they have been submerged in water. Her artwork oozes light and colour and has become increasingly popular (Cyprus) and is expanding internationally. She also exhibited in Taiwan, Amsterdam, Germany, Russia, Spain, Latvia and China.