‘The Wanderer’ | Solo Exhibition by Christian Fohtung

‘The Wanderer’

Solo Exhibition by Christian Fohtung is right ahead!

 Opening event at the 23rd of July at 19:30!!

Abstract paintings, traditional dancers performing & more in a cozy atmosphere!
Christian is strongly influenced by his emotions, thoughts and experiences.

“My work is a broadcast of symbolic forms arising when energy at a state of rest links with another at state of movement creating the essence of ideas”

Short Bio:

Dinga Chrsitian Fohtung born on the 24th of July 1989 in a small town in the north western part of cameroon migrated to the island of Cyprus in 2016 where he started my artistic journey as an actor. Christian participated in several music videos, while also being fashion model. The cumulation of life experience and being part of this forgoten time and space we live in is what his paintings express,an inorderly intelligent specie building worlds and destrying their own creations.

“The role I play with my paintings is expressing order and chaos as Love and Beauty”

Join us for Art & Wine near Saripolou Square!!