‘Quill & Feel’ exhibition: Pan Meraklis and Irina Sigitova

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‘Quill and Feel’ is the exhibition of the artists Pan Meraklis and Irina Sigitova, presenting a magical journey of their own unique ‘world’ made out of paper.

Both Pan and Irina are continuously exploring and creating artworks, as a main source of inspiration the people’s face characteristics, which are mutated through paper and translated into natural landscapes, rivers, mountains and light.

Art is human being added to nature” – Cezanne

The relationship between humans, nature and environment is the most sincere, reliable and indestructible in time. Mother nature gives a sense of freedom and a unify atmosphere between people, living organisms and as suggested by the artists, it could be identified as a miracle. Furthermore, characterized by its beautiful colors, the sense of freedom, harmony, balance and the continuity of life, nature is a huge source of inspiration for the artists to produce Art.

Old books, cardboards, magazines, colorful papers, calendars, come to life by becoming strips of paper, wrapped around and thus creating multiple, small spirals in order to be constructed to form Panagiotis’s and Irina’s stunning and fascinating artworks.

In the process of mosaic; piece by piece, a new paper world unfolds in front of us, full of colors and light. Focusing on the tree and the sun as dynamic symbols of life, Pan Meraklis and Irina Sigitova create their own personal universe with patience, joy and love thus letting the miracle of nature to guide them.

**The exhibition’s opening was on the 14th of February and it will due the 3rd of March 2020.