‘Miracle of Life’ | Solo Exhibition by Irene Fani Efstathiou

We are so excited to host the Art exhibition by Irene Fani Efstathiou ‘Miracle of Life’.

The exhibition is consisted of various paintings and drawings based the different stages of pregnancy and motherhood! The artist builds us a narrative between the audience and her artwork about her experiences, thoughts and emotions. Through the series of art pieces, Irene aims to illustrate the first stage of pregnancy and how woman’s’ body change through this beautiful journey!

*The opening of the ‘Miracle of Life’ Exhibition will be on the 8th of September at 19:30 at our gallery. The exhibition will be due the 11th of September.

**Gallery’s opening hours: 9th to 11th of Sept. 15:00 – 23:00 / Sunday to Monday: closed