‘Words with a Story’ | Solo Exhibition by Stavri Pidia

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We are so grateful and pleased to present the ‘Words with a Story’ Solo Exhibition by Stavri Pidia. A remarkable exhibition, where Stavri Pidia expresses her views, emotions and perspectives about social issues and challenges the world around us. The Art Exhibition will take place on the 15th of September, Wednesday at our gallery in the heart of Limassol. Join us for an Art journey combined with music and wine.

Part of the Exhibition’s profit will be donated at ΣΠΑΒΟ, the non-profit Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, which is Stavri’s initiative act.

Few words about the artist and her art..

Stavri Pidia is a Cypriot abstract/contemporary artist, influenced by every day’s social problems and themes. Born in Limassol in 1993, she expressed her love for Art from a very young age. She studied Graphic Design in De Montfort, UK and then continued with a Masters Degree in Digital Media and Journalism at the Cyprus University of Technology. Currently she’s doing her second Masters on Arts and Culture Management at Rome Business School. She began taking part in multiple group exhibition from 2018, when she decided to start working as a professional artist. Her first solo exhibition ”Enigma” took place in June 2019.

Her first solo exhibition ”Enigma” took place in June 2019, where she addressed mental illnesses – an issue that has been very sensitive to her for many years.  The goal of her exhibition was to bring awareness for that cause and express her emotions on this subject with her paintings.

Her paintings usually address issues that deal with social injustice and awareness, or her personal reflections. The purpose of her art is to express her point of view on certain stereotypes while making the viewers wonder of the final outcome and what it has to say. The main characteristic of her work is the abstract brush strokes, the use of colors and the contrast between either the elements of the painting or the painting and the meaning behind it itself. At the moment she is working on creating a new style with a combination of minimal lines along with her previous abstract expression.

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