Marina Konstantinou


Marina Constantinou was born in 1995 in Nicosia, Cyprus. She graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Visual and Applied Arts. She was a student at the 3rd Painting Studio with the professors Tsakiris George, Vasilakakis Vasilis and Panagiotakis Stavros.


2018 “Objet in-connu” under the auspices of the French Institute of Thessaloniki, TEI Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2017 “58+26”, Yeni Tzami (Archeological Museum), Thessaloniki, Greece.

2016 “Loukas Venetoullias”, Tellogleio Foundation of Arts, Auth, Greece.

2014  49th “Dimitria” Festival, NTNG- Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece.

“18 Artworks…41 Artists”, Gallery of the Library of the Cultural Center of Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2013  Festival “Anakata v6. (Insecurity – Recourse)”, Cultural Center “Christos Tsakiris, Thessaloniki, Greece.


As the artist says:

“In my work I capture not directly, but associatively, my thoughts and worries about human’s transition to eternity, after death. I negotiate with strong concepts that contradict each other such as the beginning and the end, life and death, creation and decay, the enhancement of emotional memory and the faded memory of the past.”

For Marina, the body as the vessel of the soul for earthly life, as well as its journey when it is expelled from it, not the end, but only the beginning of a possible next life. With this criterion, the artist selects two elements that she processes exhaustively for the final realization of her works. The first concerns “inanimate” objects of daily use, which were locked and forgotten in cupboards, useless in some way and inactive, and the second beautiful and lively flowers.

“What if someone doesn’t stop being there when he dies, but when we stop remembering him?”

This question became the motive and the driving force for the elaboration of the artist’s work. The osmosis of the different elements that make up her work, and the translucent feeling that they emit, indicate the memories that fade over time, as well as the reflection of life in death or vice versa, since  these two tremendous elements interact as communicating vessels.

Marina aims through familiar images, to encourage the audience to be led into a dialogue with the objects, evoking his own memories and creating his own interpretations, so that he can communicate not only visually but mainly experientially with her work.

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