Evdokia Georgiou


Evdokia  is an artist born in 1993 and she is based in Limassol of Cyprus. She owns an Art workshop for her Art practice. As a Fine Art graduate of University of Kent; Evdokia, in 2015, she was short-listed for the CVAN Platform Graduate Award. In addition, Evdokia has participated in several group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Denmark and United Kingdom. She represented Cyprus at the European Glass Context 2021 at Bornholm, Denmark. Evdokia’s artwork were shown at the Biennale Larnace 2018 and she also represented Cyprus at the Rome Art Week in 2019.


Evdokia sees society as the macrocosm of the domestic space and vise versa and that these two spaces are complementary. Through her practice she aims to make people re-think about their social behavior and challenge their everyday life more often. As a result, the artist uses the daily life of humans as an inspiration and how it could be altered in a non normal way in order to explore and challenge the private and public realms of the everyday behaviour of humans. This is achieved through various ways including among others the transformation of ordinary objects into sculptures, through drawing and thread creations. In this way, she aims to illustrate a new vision and add a new dimension of the reality in the everyday social systems, realms, objects and the objects’ functionality. Her practice also includes sociological, political and philosophic aspects of the contemporary, and not only era, we are going through and how the daily life could be challenged.

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