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‘Conversations’ | Open Call for Artists

We are looking for you!!
We want to exhibit what you want to say through your Art!!

‘Conversations’ Exhibition: A picture worth a thousand words.

Thousand words, emotions, thoughts, feelings; all expressed by the artist through their Art. We wish to invite artists to exhibit artworks of all mediums at our gallery to have a voice about their examined topic. Aiming on raising various conversations between artists, artworks and audience to encourage the development of concepts, ideas, thoughts and emotions.
Any medium of art: sculpture, painting, digital art, screen printing, photography, installation, drawing
Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou
Submission deadline: 27th Oct.
*There is participation fee

‘Say Hello’ | Open Call for Artists

We are happy to announce an upcoming open themed exhibition for artists to introduce themselves and their Art!
A distinctive Open Call to meet each other.
Exhibit in the heart of Limassol’s city Centre, near Saripolou square, the artwork that best describes your ideas and art practice.

There are no restrictions on what artists wish to submit.

All mediums, forms, surfaces and concepts are welcomed.

/ Submission deadline: 11th Aug. at / 25212171

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou

Art director: Sonia Photiou

*A digital catalogue will be available for artists after the exhibition.

Photography Open Call: ‘Shoot Cyprus’

Open call for professionals and amateurs for

a Photography Exhibition!!

Cyprus: so many beautiful places, so many secret views, so many feelings, and traditions.

Beautiful sunsets – Stunning flora – Cozy snowfalls – Remarkable monuments –Cultural moments

There are so many beautiful coasts, cultural villages with their own unique identity, traditions and norms.
Through the ‘Shoot Cyprus’ exhibition, we wish to illustrate how artists are influenced by Cyprus and capturing various moments of the island through the lens of a camera.
High resolution photography piece printed on A4, A3 or A2 (framed or not)
Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou
Submission deadline: 10th of July
There is a selection process and a participation fee.
Digital catalogue will be available for artists after the exhibition.
For more info / 25212171

Open Call | ‘Portrait’ Art Exhibition

Portraits of own’s self; portraits of a loved one; portraits of an unknown person or a famous persona!

Face’s expressions; face’s chaos and harmony; face’s realism and abstractions are a daily inspiration for beings to create through both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of art!

An exhibition aiming to present the various styles, colours, methods and possibilities a portrait could be drawn, paint, sculpt or photographed.

Artists are invited to play with colours, images, materials, brush strokes, textures, stitching, crosshatching and many more techniques to present their own perspective and style by creating a face!

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou

*Submission deadline: 29th of April 2020

for submissions at

Open Call: ‘Blue’ Exhibition

Blue – a color – a feeling – a space.
We are looking to exhibit your bluest artwork! Artworks created with shades of dark
and /or light blue! 🔵
Blue can be calm; it can be stormy or moody. It is up to the artist what he/she wants to express! All mediums, sizes and forms of Art are welcomed. An open themed exhibition based on the primer blue colour!

Stay bluish!

Art curator: Evdokia Georgiou
Art director: Sonia Photiou

*A digital catalogue will be available for artists after the exhibition.

submission deadline: 1st of April

Open call

OPEN CALL: ‘Drops of Art’- Affordable Treasures

An Art exhibition for artists!

Offering to the audience Affordable Treasures for admiration and purchase at the beginning of the Autumn era!

We are happy to invite artists to exhibit a collection of their artworks at our upcoming exhibition in September in the heart of Limassol’s city centre. The ‘Drops of Art’- Affordable Treasures exhibition aims to bring beautiful, distinctive and affordable artworks, one step closer to the audience.

Artists are welcomed to exhibit any size of artworks and of any medium that can fit within the dimensions set by the gallery. The space available for each artist will be one meter width along with the height of our gallery’s white and bright walls. The artworks’ prices should be up to 300 euro.

Join us with your Art by dropping us an email at , before the 25th of August 2020, with the following: photos and details of your artworks such as medium, sizes, etc., as well as your contact details (phone & email) . The exhibition will be on for a week.

*submission is free, although there is a participation fee, if selected. No commission applied on sales!

For more info please contact us 25212171 or


Open Call Group Art Exhibition: ‘Identity’ at Exhibit 8

Our first OPEN CALL for a Group Art Exhibition is now happening.


An identity is created and differentiated. Identity exists both in the microcosm and the macrocosm such as the universe, nature, cells, objects, people and even in everyday life.

We are going through an era where ‘self-profiles’ are a usual phenomenon. This phenomenon is observed in various forms and places, including social media, personal choices of clothing and hobbies, possessions, as well as an individual’s way of expression and thinking. An object is structurally created with certain materials to be functional in everyday life, thus serving its users. Thus, objects have their own established identity and qualities.

The identity of humans can be explored through their own reflections, actions and reactions through daily public and private interferences. People’s identity could be a combination of their social, cultural and educational background and how that is continuously evolving. The identity of an artist has no exception, and similarly to the rest of the world, it is constantly changing through time. The concept of ‘identity’ is so broad and yet so specific and sensitive for each one of us. The artists, through their five senses, could observe and present an unusual perspective of an everyday situation, object or feeling and thus developing their own unique characteristics.


Art Curator: Evdokia Georgiou

Art Director: Sonia Photiou

Submission deadline: The 10th of January 2020.

The announcement of the selected artists will be on the 13th of January 2020.

  • The opening of the exhibition will be on Friday, the 31st of January 2020 and it will be on for 10 days.

We wish to invite artists to submit their artworks of various media such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photographs and mixed media.

How to submit:

  • Submission is free.
  • Participation fee if selected is 50 euro.
  • In your application you should include the artist’s biography, statement (incl. clear reference to the exhibition’s theme) and photos of artwork. (finished or in process)
  • Commission applied: 15%.
  • Sale of artwork is optional and consent from the artists is needed in written form.

What we provide:

  • Excellent facilities in Limassol city center
  • Wall Space with hanging accessories for hanging artwork and plinths for sculptures available.
  • Design of promotional material.
  • Advertising through posters and TVs on the gallery’s vitrine.
  • Paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram
  • Professionally made video documenting the opening of the exhibition and its publication.
  • Artists’ templates with the selected artworks’ close ups.
  • Cocktail at the opening.
  • Catalogue of the exhibition for each artist.
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